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I solemnly declare that I do not support any form of warfare under any circumstance, except for the limited fair use of self-defense. I reject any call for an aggression and dissent any instigation for physically violent. I believe in a world that maintains a status of peace. And I also believe that there is always a better way to solve the problem other than starting a war. I state that no war is moral, and no war can have any benefit to the humankind other than serving the evil purpose of a few people. I declare myself as a pacifist, and I have faith on protecting the priceless peace for my family, my friends, and everyone in this world who has no intention to kill.


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25 Ganbaatar B. Mongolia Aug 09, 2017
24 MingXiao L. Beijing China Aug 09, 2017
23 MingYing Y. Shanghai China Aug 09, 2017
22 Koyasu T. Osaka Japan Aug 09, 2017
21 Daigo M. Tokyo Japan Aug 09, 2017
20 Phoebe B. Tyler, TX United States May 22, 2017
19 Sejun H. Tyler, Texas United States May 22, 2017
18 Maryam-Achillea C. Revere , MA United States of America May 22, 2017
17 Erin L. East Sandwich , MA United States May 22, 2017
16 Kevin S. Tyler, TX United States May 19, 2017

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